A series of songs easy to learn English to consider

10 songs easy to learn English

It comes, we are sincere: to whom it does not like to sing? Who has not hummed sometimes that one of €œSupercalifragilisticoespialidoso€? Who does not know some song of €œThe Beatles€? Who never has ended up singing in €œSpanglish€ a song of that one Anglo-Saxon author whom as much it likes? We are, then, sincere: to all we like to sing.

Between the words in English longer we have longest of the world

The 10 words in English longer

The English is filled with curiosities; many of them related to its words (normal considering that he owns more than 700,000 words): that if beautiful words, that if strange words, that if words little common in English€¦ And, by all means, also the words in English longer.

With articles determined in English you have to have well-taken care of

How to correctly use articles determined in English

€œThe article determined in English €œThe€? But that is very easy, no€ Then yes, in principle yes. But also it counts on a few exceptions. And it is indeed by those exceptions by which the speakers of Spanish we failed so much with the use of the €œThe€.

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