lases actual FCE


Cambridge English First, also known as First Certifies to you in English (FCE), is a title of high intermediate level. With a good preparation of this test one demonstrates that the candidate can use English daily as much writing as spoken with labor or educative aims.

You can score at a course of examination of first certifies to you where we will teach the grammar to you, vocabulary and the necessary skills stop to approve. In addition we will complete these classes with gratuitous classes of conversation so that you can remove the greater benefit. You can ask prices of this course in secretariat or by the form of contact that you will find in this page.

If you want to prepare the examination of the First Certifies to you by free, we recommended to you that you make the course of two months of tests of examination. Your you will be able to prepare the part of grammar and vocabulary by your account but you will need support to practice tests. Here it is where we can help you with this course of only two months.

Why to be examined of the FCE?

Every year, thousands of people who want to use the English to improve their perspective of work and study realise the First Certifies to you in English or FCE or B2

The overcoming of the examination will allow to demonstrate you that you are preparation for the academic and labor success and also to acquire skills in English daily working and studying. The great majority of universities forces the students to have the degree of the FCE to be able to give the academic degree of its race. You can be examined of the FCE if you already have the level with only making our course of two months of tests.

Facing the labor market, to obtain the degree of B2 means a greater opportunity to find a a better job or to even improve within the labor scope (multinational).  In addition thanks to the certification you will be able to travel to other countries and that if knows you can obtar to work in another country.

Thats Cool Education to prepare the FCE

  • LearnWithZac we are center trainer of the University of Cambridge and have obtained a note superior to the national average. Our examining center credits to every year with a certificate of Center Trainer to us.
  • In addition, in That's Cool you will be able to do so much an actual course of FCE as the novel modality Blended Learning (remote book union with Speaking).
  • If you already own the level but you only want to make practices of tests to go preparation, we recommended our course to you of two months of tests. You will learn the skills and the practice necessary pass.
  • In our school, we used technology as complement to the preparation of the FCE. We think that to invest in technology it is to invest as education.
  • Our expert equipment will guide the process throughout to you. Titled native professors.
  • We will offer the gratuitous classes to you of €œspeaking€ for our students, to part of the classes, so that you can remove the maximum benefit.



If he interests to you to receive more information you can write through this form of contact indicating the level that you have and the course to us that interests to you.