Kind to how learning English with music with these resources

How to learn English with music and that is really effective

Many articles we have dedicated to learn English with music. And not without reason. They are many advantages (and throughout the article we will speak, among other things, of them), but without a doubt this one is one emphasizes on the others: the learning becomes more efficient when one is amused. Perhaps and to anybody doesn't it like music?

€œThe diversion is another form to formulate the word learning. We play to learn. It is more, when in a game we stopped learning, bores to us. While it offers to us complicated challenges attract to us. When it stops doing it, we left it. Each challenge is a problem that to solve.€ Raph Koster, €œTo for Ttheory of fun gamed design€

    I know sincere with same you: to all we like to listen to song is. It is new the hit song of the summer or the subjects of Beautiful and the Beast, from reggaet³n fashionable to less well-known classic music: it is on the street, in the privacy of the home or when we are going to buy bread, a song does not do to him bad to anybody. Either to the English.

    • But you do not only create to us because we say it. There we go with a series of derived benefits to listen to music in English more than tried:

    • Memory, attention and concentration. Music is an art to which loans attention very easily. To listen to at great length a song is not to us complicated; and the one is this one thoroughness that allows us to catch better the sounds and the own letter of the songs in English.

    • It improves the speech fluidity. If every day listening songs in English, every time you will acquire a greater vocabulary, you familiciar¡s with the sounds characteristic of this language, to pronounce them and you will be accustomed to the diabolical rate of this language and its letters (example of it €˜Don€™ t stop me know€, of €œQueen€). All this help to that at the time of speaking, your fluidity in the speech is much more natural.

    • Ideal to begin with the language. You knew that the musical education is very important during the infantile education? Concretely during the alphabetization stage? Then the same happens with other languages. Enormous amounts again vocabulary of all the thematic ones and for all the pleasures!

    Nevertheless, before entering matter, we would like to leave an aspect very clearly: to learn English with music is not equivalent to how learning English fast. It is more, this method and resources have to serve as complement, because they are not going to grant a theoretical and grammar base to you (and we assured to you is very necessary). A guided learning is necessary, that it is based on a base. Of there at the time that we devised the classes of English conversational, to which you are more than invited.

    In any case, you come or no, it remembers: to learn English with music is very well; but never, never they have to constitute the foundations of your learning.


    How to learn English with music? Steps to follow

    We will not get tired to repeat the suitability of this method. It is more, even exists music to learn English (thought for this intention). Nevertheless, don't mention it serves to learn English with songs if the suitable steps are not followed. Which? Then the following:

    • Always music that you like. We repeat; this method is based on the diversion. Without diversion lengthy listening is lost, and in this way all the others. So you are not forced to listen €˜The Beatles€™ if you see that they bore to you more than the extended version of the 10 orders.

    • First without letter. And with letter we talked about to calld songs in English. Why? Then because first it is to be accustomed to the sounds of the English. And it is somewhat difficult turning aside part from attention exactly. After a pair of listening you will be able to happen to learn English with music and its respective letters.

    • The hour has arrived from€¦ to sing! How? What gives shame you? Because the shame is very bad ally in which to learn English with music one talks about! It sings verily low if you prefer it, in the shower or the own discotheque next to the loudspeakers so that nobody hears to you. But it sings, because imitating the sounds of the English that you listen you could only be improving your articulation little by little.

    • Already at home, with paper and pencil by hand. Or with the €œopened Word€ in the computer, that we are in the 21st century. The intention is not other that to be pointing in him all those words that you do not know with his corresponding meaning. Spent the time, you would do well in throwing a look to this listing, reviewing the words and to use them in your texts in English.

    • To repeat and returned to repeat. Perhaps yes, this step is little compatible with the necessary diversion that we commented. But, 1) It is necessary so that those voices and sounds of the English end up themselves you having left in the head and, 2) you will not dare to deceive saying that to nonlistening your preferred songs to us vilely in English time and time again, truth.?


    Resources to learn English with songs

    The 7 better songs to learn English

    If you do not know with what song to learn English with music, then we recommended you that you throw a look to the best songs to learn English. In the article that we finished leaving to you, we compiled those subjects that, by one or the other reason, are very, very useful to improve your level. From Bob Marley to U2; the thematic sorts do not need and 😉

    And songs in English easy?

    If some of the songs before listed are to you somewhat complicated (or you want to provide to him a few subjects to which it has begun to learn the language) then we recommended these other 10 songs to you easy to learn English. Eye, among them not only you will find songs in English for children. €˜The Beatles€™ even makes formal appearance among others groups.


    That you do not know what English song in putting to you to listen and have those that we have mentioned you finished you already? Then LyricsTraining could be a good resource. One is a Web in which you select the song, a difficulty (yes, from songs to learn English basic level to songs to learn English B1) and, while you hear it, will have to fill up the hollows in target that will be appearing to you. A very comfortable and effective form to quickly accustom your ear to the sounds of the English language. After all, you will have to force your attention to fill up the hollows rightly.


    Delay a little while€¦ didn't this article go envelope how to learn English with music? Then yes, but it is that to listen to podcasts it counts on the same benefits before commented and also with almost all the steps to follow (logically, the one to sing not).

    That what is a podcast? Neither the more nor less than a television or radio transmission which you can unload from Internet soon to listen to it calmly at home. There are them of all type of thematic (from soccer to Russian ballet (it is not joke)). It only remembers that, those that you choose, are in English.

    Although if you do not know by which to begin, at the time we already spoke of the 10 better podcasts to learn English; which could give an idea you by which to begin 😉

    Nothing else?

    Then yes; if no of the previous resources has finished to you convincing we advised the reading to you of another article: advice, tricks and resources to improve your articulation in English. Where, among other things, also you will find series and films. They will not be neither they will serve for the same, but of course they fulfill perfectly the principle to learn English amusing 🙂 to you