Before them interview of work in English follows these advice

How to prepare an interview of work in English?

They have called to You for an interview of work in English?

Since the panic does not spread!

What would have to be a joy and an opportunity at your race suddenly dims the vision to you, clears the desire to live and, mainly, those to you to work. The pressure goes to your mind to have to study and to prepare this interview to you; to reclaim the level that you emphasized in your CB and that perhaps it existed years ago (but that a long time ago evaporated); and mainly to prepare some to you answers beforehand that would even cost to you to answer in your native language.

But as we shelp at the outset: that does not spread the panic! In That €˜s Cool Education we want to help you to learn English and in this way to find use, and for that reason we bring a compilation to you of the best tricks, advice here and resources to prepare an interview to you in English.


Advice and tricks to prepare an interview in English

  • I know Sherlock Holmes: leaving of side the fact that you gain points if the interviewer verifies that you have investigated about the company, in an interview realised in a foreign language is fundamental. A fast reading of most significant of the supply allows you to meet the type appropriate vocabulary for the occasion.

  • The €œSpeaking€ practices: we do not forget that often the main objective by which an interview is realised in English is to know if you dominate the language in its spoken slope. A look Throws to him to our post €œAdvice, tricks and resources to improve your articulation in English€ because it is going to be to you of much help in this sense 😉

  • It tranquilizes the crazy person that you take inside: valid for an interview in English and the life generally. The nerves are not good companions, so you do everything what it relaxes you of habitual form to arrive completely calmed at the interview. Confidence, security and spirit first of all.

  • It counts a story: to everybody it likes to listen to a good history. If they request an example to you of how you solved a problem in a labor situation, you do not tell them that you are a decisive person at any moment, gives simple and concise data them. It thinks about anecdotes that are excellent for the position, which they transmit the best thing of you and where you can shine the vocabulary which already you know.

  • It leaves things flow them: Sometimes we prepared so much the things that seem plus the script of a film that a work interview. If you do not want that this one is excessively artificial, center you in the important one and allow you to improvise in the rest.

Resources for an interview of work in English

  • Method STAR: One is to apply a structure guide to express to you of clear, coherent and effective form, especially to explain how you solved certain errors. The method stars is based on Situation (What? Where? When), Task (What was due to do), Action (What action you started up to solve the problem) and Result (What you obtained).

  • Simulators of interviews in English: €œSimulator My interview€ is a simulator of interviews in which they will do test to you, questions and suggestions of answers and will even provide advice to you to improve.

The most typical questions in an interview of English

An interview never will be absolutely predictable, but you can facilitate the work learning the most typical questions in an English interview in and practicing the answers.

  • €œTell me about yourself€ (€œSpeak to me of you€): This question is more complicated than it seems. On the one hand, they can verify your professional trajectory in your CB and they do not want to hear the same time and time again. On the other hand, this is not an appointment of Tinder and you cannot digress nor count your life. It tries to find the balance, your the personal ambitions and objectives or qualities that you have not been able to stand out before.

  • €œWhat plows your strenghts and your weakness€ (€œWhich are your strengths and your weaknesses? €): You do not go of Superm¡n; it thinks about three things that beams good and pon concrete examples. With respect to weakness, although your grandmother says to you that you do not have defects, you always must say something. She invents something more original than the rotten one €œI am perfectionist€ and turns a weakness into strength, alluding for example to cases of personal overcoming.

  • €œWhat do you do in your free tricks out of€ (€œWhat you do in your free time? €): Yes, we have shelp that it is not an appointment, but indeed for that reason they make this question; in order to pillage to you off guard. There are preparation notes and professional notes and suddenly you remain in target to say something so simple because you like to see Netflix in your sofa with popcorn. Warned you are.

  • €œWhy should we hire you€ (€œWhy we would have to contract to you? €): Center to you in everything what you can contribute to the work and that everything is positive. If they want anybody with experience and you do not have it stands out that you are young, ambitious and with many desire to learn. If you are sobrequalified, in that case you could contribute much as veteran to the new ones and to the work in equipment. Be that as it may, it explains from the common sense because you could carry out well this work.

  • €œWhy have you been unemployed for such to long tricks out of€ (€œWhy there are unemployed as much time? €): At the moment this question walks a little out of phase, since it is much more difficult that to never find a good use, but they have bad milk to do to you prepares it an assortment of activities that you have walked doing during this time and which they make wane a yincana. That it seems that you have not slept to make specialized courses, to work of sporadic form, to write a blog, to avoid the extinction of the pandas, etc€¦

  • €œWhy do you want to work here€ (€œWhy you want to work here? €): It is not happened to you to criticize your ex- head because in addition to giving a bad impression, it will seem that you look for any excuse to get out of trouble. Although many will know that it is not truth, you must make them think that it is the work of your life for a reason or another one. I have always wanted to work in this sector, the organization it has the great prestige, he would be everything a push professional race, enchants the menu to me of the dining room, blah blah blah bla€¦

  • €œWhere do you see yourself five years from now€ (€œWhere you see yourself within five years? €): This is your opportunity to speak on your ambitions and objectives with more detail. They want to somebody determined one and in this case, what better occasion to explain to the interviewer the persistence to him that you are putting to make your dreams reality? Also they could ask to you for your €œMotivation€ (€œMotivation€). Here yes that you can give vent to without bone entering you in a more personal land.

  • €œIs there anything that you would like to ask me€ (€œThere is something you want to ask to me? €): Yes, always there is something. But, you invent it to you. Prepare some question to you beforehand or ask to him that it comments in depth some aspect to you that has mentioned of the use. Good DAS impression because not only it makes you seem interested, but sample that there are listening kindly the interviewer. That yes, nothing to directly ask for the pay or vacation.

Useful expressions and words for an interview of work in English

  • €œBackground€: it comprises of the survival kit to allude to your professional trajectory or academic formation.

  • €œLiaise with€: it is a perfect verb to emphasize your abilities in communication, since the expression implies to work in collaboration with different people or groups, as well as to serve as connection among them.

  • €œSavvy€: this adjective so dandy, placed behind a noun or adverb, indicates that you own information at expert level in a certain area and that you are able to use it of practical way. If you are to €œSavvy to player€, you are everything a lynx, an intelligent and wise player.

  • €œGoal-oriented€: it means that you are a oriented worker to objectives and takings the actions necessary to fulfill them.

  • €œTo good fit€: as finishing touch, this expression means that you would be the perfect candidate for the position. Ex: €œPersonal I think the combination of my qualities and my professional background would make for me to really good fit the role€ (€œI believe that the combination of my personal aptitudes and my professional trajectory would do the perfect person to me for the position€). It decorates this joker with your personal qualities and it will leave to you rechupete!


Have You liked our selection of tricks, advice and resources to prepare an interview in English? We know that a challenge is everything, but is something is excited in €œThat €˜s Cool Education€ are the challenges, because every day we like to surpass to us and to demonstrate to us same that we are the best ones. If you feel identified with this mantra and lifestyle, a look throws to our Course Business English.

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