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The preparation of the level FALLS of the University of Cambridge is one of the demanded courses more. The fact to approve Cambridge English Advanced (IT FALLS), demonstrates that it is a student qthe EU looks for the excellence.

This course will be helped as much in the scholastic scope (possibility of requesting scholarships or masters abroad) as in the enterprise scope. You will be able to more easily make businesses with other countries.

In addition, If you continue reading we give some keys you of this degree so demanded nowadays.

Cambridge English Advanced (IT FALLS) demonstrates that you have reached an excellence level

It certifies the attainment of an advanced level and is accepted anywhere in the world.

A certificate with infinite opportunities.

The obtaining of the certificate FALLS provides an objective advantage to all the people who own it:

  • On the one hand, the people whom they own FALL and look for work are in advantage against the great amount of people who already have the level of First Certifies to you. This difference makes them emphasize in front of its competitors and better will be considered in the selection process.
  • On the other hand to study FALLS and to be student of the university opens many doors. Some of them are the possibility of choosing to places of Masters and another course in Foreign universities. The universities are many that recognize FALLS and many of request it to them as requisite to be able to choose or to obtain scholarships or places in these Masters.

It provides linguistic skills of advanced level to achieve the academic and professional success.

To prepare for Cambridge English Advanced (IT FALLS) help to the students to develop its skills to as much take advantage of to the maximum its studies as its professional activity and its stay in countries English speech. 

Its advanced level allows, at which they own it, to be able to take notes in academic surroundings easily. In working environments it also allows the preparation of information, meetings and deal with clients of simple but effective form.

In That's Cool we have obtained that our students can obtain the levels of the university of Cambridge with an average of approved over the average of Spain. Therefore it is an ideal center to prepare the official examination of Cambridge FALLS or any other as First Certifies to you or PET.

In addition, in our school we used technology as complement to the preparation of FALLS. We think that to invest in technology it is to invest as education.  Our expert teaching staff will guide the process throughout to you. All our professors are native and titleholders.

Ll¡manos and we will inform to you into the places that still we must available to prepare FALLS.

You can contact with us from this form of contact. Gave us what level you have and what course interests to you.

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