In order to write in English correctly it follows these advice

How to write correctly in English, advice and resources

Perhaps now a world is made you, but to write correctly in English without dying in the attempt is possible. And not as difficult as you it can seem 😉

Normally some underestimate the difficult thing that it is to express the ideas with coherence in writing, but is not task that can be taken to end lightly and without no type of practice. Especially if it is not in your native language, which can be quite tedious (for being fine and falsified).

It is that is why that, whether you do not have nor idea of how to write as everything an Arthus Conan Doyle, as if simply you want to perfect your abilities with the pen or the €œWord€, Today we are going to comment a few advice, tricks and resources to you to write correctly in English 🙂

Why? Good, because often (more often than we would like) the writing neglects to only concentrate in the vocabulary or the grammar. When it is indeed the writing that helps you to improve vocabulary, grammar and spelling (all at the same time; nor the discounts of the Lidl hear)! For that reason it is very important that you adopt the sooner a daily habit. It remembers that the best prescription to learn to write in English is the following one; to write, to write and to write. Practice, practice and practice.

But we go of head to the mess: it prepares a coffee cup, it takes paper and ball-point pen, pon inspiring music, feels you in a calm corner and€¦ We begin to write!


Advice to write in English as a professional

Lee in English (but who very much)

In order to improve your writing in English, the reading is a key habit. You will learn new words, new forms to make orations and new ideas to write. It is a first step that you do not have to avoid.

We recommended to you that before reading fiction books, you begin with articles or publications in social networks or magazines. It tries not to abuse the dictionary, since you must be also understanding the meaning of the words in relation to the context. And by all means; it chooses interest subjects so that he is to you simpler and pleasant!

Listening and English speech

Eye! Whatever more ability you must to talk, major you will have it to write. This way you will learn informal expressions that will sound more natural than those than could be learned of a book. A very useful advice to improve your €œWriting€ is at the same time to improve your €œListening€ and your €œSpeaking€. A look throws to him to our post €œ4 advice to improve your Listening in English€, will be to you very useful. And it is that a part cannot separate absolutely 😉

It expresses the dictionary to the maximum

Whenever you look for a word in English whose meaning you do not know, it tries to learn at least synonymous and an antonym. For example, if you look for the word €œGreat€ (€œHuge€), it learns synonymous as €œExcellent€ (€œExcellent€) and €œFantastic€ (€œFantastic€), and antonyms as €œPlain€ (€œSimple€), €œOrdinary€ (€œOrdinary€) and €œBad€ (€œBad€). In the variety it is the pleasure!

It studies the structures for the €œWriting€ in English

Each text type has a structure. And he is that he is not the same to write an opinion test that an informal letter or a story. Each of them has its own micro structures and if you learn this one, it will be much more easy to you writing, since you will only have to center you in the content. The grammar will practically be developed single.

PS: although of course it will be you of help with the English, this advice also is applicable to any other language 😉

Wanted daily€¦

Everybody does not have desire nor time to make a blog and to update it periodically. However, if you write every day a page of your €œpersonal Newspaper€ the task will be to you lighter and you will practice very many the writing. In addition, it is demonstrated that to write a newspaper it raises many advantages at mental and emotional level, increasing your self-esteem and stimulating your creativity. We also worried about your English but about your health!

You do a course of writing in English

A course of English of writing will develop to your abilities critics, comunicativas, of understanding written, oral understanding and writing through analysis, discussion and presentation of information on a great variety of creative, audio texts and visual texts. We go, that can helpful be to you. There is no more direct form to approach you your objectives and that is why in LearnWithZac we offer courses of English that will be to you helpful in this sense 🙂


Resources to write better in English

The technology makes your available multitude of very effective tools to do the easiest life to you. Yes, also at the time of writing in English. We selected our favorites to you with which to be perfecting your abilities:


This application is an edition resource very used by writers, students and businessmen. It will help in the understanding of the complexity and the simplicity you of the written orations. The software of this program emphasizes the phrases that do not have sense or that they are too complex and provides useful suggestions than can be done so that they are read with a greater facility.


It is an extension of Google Chrome to write writings, €œEssays€ or letters in English. It eliminates grammar errors, it offers to you synonymous and also it warns to you on score errors.

Microsoft Word Help

If you often use Word, €œMicrosoft Word Help€ is perfect for you. There is a great amount of guides and useful tutorials who will help you, for example, to use the grammar correctly, to structure the orations or not to mistake to you with the capital letters in a text.


The most professional writers even visit this page, because she is perfect to improve your abilities and to continue learning. How? This Web offers meaning and definitions of words, useful advice of grammar, test and much more€¦

Grammar Girl

Focused to that they have a good domain of the English, with a fresh and funny style their tricks and their explanations will help you to understand the more complex grammar questions. In order to remove to the Shakespeare that you take inside, we go.

Daily Writing Tips

Independent of if you want to improve your spelling, your grammar, your score or even your vocabulary, this page offers every day new advice to you in the form of test or articles. And it is that the learning never rests.


Advice to write a good €œWriting€ in English

Cold Sweats before the leaf in target? You have forgotten suddenly how using the conditional ones in English? You raise the flight as only possible option? Tranquillity in the masses: these advice will be to you very practitioners at the time of confronting the feared €œWriting€ in an English test.

He plans

Before writing up the crazy person, be done a script with exposition or introduction, knot and outcome in clear and coherent paragraphs. He thinks before beginning to write up a list with the words related to the subject that you know to see which are the best ones than you can use. Except for which thus they will not forget 😉 to you

He simplifies

He writes short and simple orations, with subject, verb and accessories. You will already have time to complicate to you with the subordinate ones when your domain of the English reach higher levels. He uses connectors to order the phrases and to articulate your ideas with sense. The adjectives and the adverbs you can save the life perhaps (yes, we are a bit exaggerated) if you need to add more words and to adorn a little the text.

It reviews

Very, very important. Even more, it is essential. He is better to have less text, but written well, that to count in your salary with Interminable History as if it had written up it a seal in an epilepsy attack. That yes, at the time of reviewing a text, ten much well-taken care of with these so habitual errors:

  • Agreement between subject and verb (€œWe game to the ball€ are own of sioux).

  • The €œS€ of the third person in present remembers (€œRuns€, €œCatches€, etc.).

  • Kind to the change of time and the €œRelative clauses€.

  • The certain and indetermine articles; those great ones forgotten.

  • Feared €œthe False Friends€ of the English. Create to us; you do not want to confuse €œConstipated€ (€œI have got to cold€) with €œConstipating€ (€œConstipated€).


Beam case to these tricks and advice and not only you will improve your abilities to write in English, but also that you will amuse yourself enough. At least if the noble art of the writing is yours and always 😉 has drawn your attention


To write is the deepest way to read the life€ Francisco Umbral.