Course of English for Adults

In That's cool we designed them English course of for adults by far affection so that you can learn of a natural and funny form.

We are going to tell some to you of our secret. Although not all, because we want to surprise every day to you.

The classes of English are funny and educative in our center equipped with technology. Our students participate in the classes of conversation and the events of That's Cool: fantastic Gastromeetings, enigmatic the CoolCrime and many more. 

It continues reading and it discovers because we are so special and because we have so good opinions.

Every week, we have conversation classes free to our students. You can see more info in the page of speaking

That's Cool is center trainer to pass the examinations of Cambridge: PET, FCE, FALL, CPE.

Our examining center is one of the best ones of Barcelona.


Our educational equipment, is formed by highly qualified professors. Native professors.

He learns English

With That's Cool they will have a safe learning in the language. Your objectives will be ours.

Speech in English

The conversation classes will help you to improve the communicative part. In addition, you will make a pile of friendly.

Our classes consist at the most of 8 students. Of this form the professor can be pending of the needs of each person.

We know what costs to learn a language and for that reason we put it to you easy. Our professors will make you happen awhile funny who will help you to learn more quickly.

We have digital projection screens and books. A great fan of possibilities so that is opened to learn he is easier and attractive.

In our Social Club you will be able to read, to take a coffee, to know new people or simply to relax to you. Here also we do our famous speakings.

Write to us directly from this form of contact. Gave your level us and of what course you want to receive information. We will contact as rapidly as possible with you.

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