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The 10 words more molonas in English

Words molonas in English? Of what we are speaking? We have become perhaps crazy? Then no, it is going to be that not 😉

It thinks by a second about the beauty and in which it means for you. There is life beyond Brad Pitt. Certainly your mascot comes to you at the top, somebody to that you want much or that binds that you do not know why you like so much. According to recent studies, the Spaniards associate the beauty with naturalness, attraction, attitude, subjectivity, multisensorialidad or culture. We come from a stage where the superficial thing prevailed, for that reason now looked for the beauty of the interior, a beauty with soul. And what has to do this with the words more molonas in English? But what impatient favor is vuesa!

We cannot deny that there are certain words that seem to us beautiful, we do not know why, but they deserve to be framed. They are pegadizas, interesting, showy. They are guays, are fun. They have soul. And since yes or yes we have to learn new vocabulary to get to dominate the language of Shakespeare we have asked ourselves; why not to do recopilatorio these words? And be the result here to you.

By its loudness or its meaning, by results of studies and surveys, with a good dose of subjectivity and a little sugar to complete the prescription, we bring the 10 words here to you more molonas in English (according to our humble opinion):


The words more molonas in English


What means: €œSerendipity€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: She is one of the rarest words and, at the same time, one of most beautiful of the Anglo-Saxon language. The serendipity is the discovery or lucky and unexpected finding of something very valuable. An accidental encounter with which it will be the love of your life, a secret ingredient that provides the ecstasy to you as masters chef, to be reading your book preferred in a cafeteria and that sounds your favorite song, to find that sock that you believed lost in the dawn of the space and time€¦

That is to say, an accident, chance or coincidence that in fact could cause a great Epiphany simply to you or a great pleasure. Because as John Lennon shelp, €œthe life is what it is to you happening while you are occupied formulating other plans€.



What means: €œEpiphany€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: It is much more that a Christmas celebration associated Reyes Magos. For example, in Literature one occurs when the reader manages to catch the essence of the writing by the author. In our routine character (to put another example) talks about to sparkle of a sudden and completely unexpected clarity.

One is that key piece of the puzzle, when the light bulb is connected and you see the light you at the end of the tunnel, that idea that makes understand it everything you and that it means a true revelation. €œEureka! €, that would say some that another Greek mathematician.



What means: €œFluffy€, €œFluffy€, €œFeathery€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: Have You also remembered to the dog of three heads of Harry Potter? It seemed very fierce but soon only you had to sing a sweet lullaby to him with the flute and one fell asleep. Cachorritos, plushes, cushions, pillows, babies, magdalenas€¦. Efes gives much lightness to this word that we associated with blanditas things, tender and spongy.

PS: if you want a more visual description of this palabro, pon in Google Images €œbulging Network€; us you will thank for it 🙂



What means: €œSky€, €œParadise€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: In addition to being the dwelling of God if you are believing, this word is conceived for a reason or purpose informal as a very pleasant experience and of absolute happiness. Its combination of smooth sounds evokes an ethereal world of soap, clouds, candies and cotton of sugar. It sighs while you pronounce and leaves it aloud his celestial loudness surrounds all pores while you recreate in your own paradise. Note that we have come a little above, no?



What means: €œIt unties€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: If the books, the films, the theater, the stories are excited or, really, histories; this it will be your favorite term. Because it makes reference to the outcome of a narrative applied to the artistic work plot, which evokes to the climax, at the moment summit, when everything is lost or everything is gained, when you remain out of breath.

Rick Blaine taking leave to the fog, D©cimo Meridio Top in the Comfortable coliseum against, Rose and Jack freezing itself in a table whose dimensions and unipersonal cargo capacity are at least controversial. He gives equal if it is €œHappy end€ or no, the important thing is that the end leaves a good flavor you of mouth.



What means: €œMellifluous€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: Its origin already warns to us of its meaning, comes from the Latin and means €œHoney€. In Spanish, one talks about to a person with very sweet, tender and amiable treatment. And in English it indicates a sweet and musical sound. Whatever in both it means something very nice and relaxing. The waves of the sea breaking in the border, crackling of the firewood in the fire, rain falling on crystals, the blowing of the fresh air in your face, opening of a wine bottle, the arrumaco of a panda hugable€¦



What means: €œTremor€, €œTremor€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: €œQuivering€ speaks than popularly we know as €œSkin of hen€. Beings and circumstances that put the end hairs, or the ghost that have taken the form of dirty clothes on the chair of your quarter, the chill when affecting you by your song or favorite film, or those tremors of pleasing when somebody that you like grazes to you or caresses. This word speech of feelings, sensations and experiences, that stops or or for evil, is impressive.



What means: €œFosfenos€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: You remember when eras small and you rubbed the eyes compulsively to see those strange specks of light that formed before you? Good, we are sincere, of small and not so small. The fosfenos make reference to those sparkles and points of lights of colors, a very nostalgic image that evokes to ours more tender childhood and than, almost literally, make see stars us.



What means: €œTo squash€, €œEncapricharse€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: The opposite contradictions and poles enchant to us that are attracted, for that reason we have chosen €œCrush€, that evokes broken crystals and hearts. It is looked like €œCrash€, that great film that speech of shocks and collisions, that breaks the heart to you and at the same time it recomposes it to you. €œCrush€ means to squash, to crush, to destroy; but also it means to encaprichar themselves and to fall in love with somebody of fleeting and intense form. So many meaning molones that we could not avoid it in this list!



What means: €œStorm or rain of ideas€.

Why molonas in English is one of the words more: They are two brilliant words in one, €œBrain€ (€œBrain€) and €œStorm€ (€œStorm€). Its combination is simply wonderful. This technique in group to generate original ideas in a relaxed atmosphere always brings with himself interesting expositions, or to solve great problems with small ideas or to throw some to you laughter with your companions of group. Very common in those works in equipment of the university that as much you get to hate.

It evokes an atmosphere as of Pixar, creative offices with executives without necktie who take coffee while they play futbol­n. Pronounce it, it sounds brilliant!


In the end the beauty is in the eyes of that look, but what yes we can assure to you it is that in That €˜s cool education we have soul. For you Speaking€ class of in English€ will not be equal from attractive a conversation and €œthat of €œListening€ or €œReading and Writing€, but we assured to you that in all we left the skin and put the heart so that you see them with the best possible eyes while you learn English and you enjoy this learning. And it is that in €œBeautiful and the Beast€ they were right, the beauty is in the interior.

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